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2014-05-21 08:45:50

The short version: the above graphic is the latest incarnation of my marketing technology landscape supergraphic (click for a high-resolution 2600×1950 version, 4.7MB). It represents a whopping 947 different companies that provide software for marketers, organized into 43 categories across 6 major classes. A high-resolution PDF version is also available (14.3MB). Please feel free to […]


The article is pure about solutions, in this case software. But seeing the growth of the solutions from about 100 companies in 2011 to about 350 companies in 2012 to about 950 companies in 2014 may show that the problem of marketing is getting more and more advanced.

Before choosing a solution, we would advice to discover which problem the solution will solve. Next step (if you didn't do this), is to analyse your own problem and see if it is matching.

We can analyze your problem and find the right software from the landscape and eventually connect it or add custom modules. For more information please contact us.

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