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Being a Salesperson Sucks (Think Like a Farmer Instead) - Copyblogger

2014-05-22 10:32:58

If you want to make more sales that turn into long-term customer relationships (and be happier doing it) then stop thinking like a traditional salesperson.


The article analysis the problem as follows:
What is the challenge of selling?
Traditional sales people are analogous to hunters. They stalk their “prey” in hopes of a “killing” that they can return back to the tribe as food (or more to the point, revenue).

In other words, do you solve your problem of selling via hunters (sellers) of via farmers (content marketers). According the article the "sales manager is death".

We think it is not so black and white. Besides every organisation is different so needs a different strategy. We can analyze your problem and create a convenient solution which helps the content marketer with farming (long term selling) and the sales manager with hunting (selling). For more information please contact us.

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