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Data visualization tools have made it somewhat easier to glean intelligence from a mass of information. But today’s tools are still extremely inefficient, as they fail to incorporate the science of human visual perception into their data visualization techniques.

What is the problem analyzed?

Traditional tools also tend to visualize what we already know about the data, rather than the unknown. The ideal data visualization tool would let people find things that they don’t know, but should.

The 3D web in pdf: Effective visualization is the bridge between quantitative information and human intuition

Some quotes:
Man cannot understand without images
Aristotle, De Memoria et Reminiscentia

You can observe a lot just by watching
Yogi Berra, an American philosopher

The key role of data analysis is to replace the raw complexity seen in the data with a reduced set of patterns, regularities, and correlations, leading to their theoretical understanding. However, the complexity of data sets and interesting, meaningful constructs in them is starting to exceed the cognitive capacity of the human brain.

  • Visualization is a key need for discovery and understanding
  • The 3D Web is coming, and probably sooner than you think Enabling technologies: 3D video, games, virtual worlds, haptic interfaces
  • 3D, interactive, collaborative visualization is far more intuitive than the traditional 2D approaches – greater insights?
  • Up to a dozen dimensions can be encoded effectively (more if we add sonification to visualization)  That is still not enough for the hyperdimensional data spaces that we are dealing with – a key limitation
  • Working tools already on the OpenSim/SL platform; Unity 3D based, web-browser data visualization tool coming soon
  • Cost is very low (hardware); zero cost for virtual worlds

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